Warehouse Management System

ADL provides customers with state of the art technology including services and support of a full-featured Warehouse Management System designed to automate any and all of the operations and tasks within the warehouse. The system provided by Datex International (www.warehousemanagement.com) uses wireless computing and barcode technology to capture information in real-time providing fast and accurate information. The system automates all the inbound operations – receiving, quality control, returns, putaway – as well as all the outbound operations – picking, kitting, packing and shipping. ADL can handle your needs!

Some of the specific features of the ADL WMS system which benefit customers include:

  • Complete order management
  • Lot and Serial Number Control
  • Wave building
  • Quality Control and Inspection
  • Powerful searching criteria
  • System-directed operations
  • Multiple stock rotation: FIFO, FEFO, LIFO
  • Automatic replenishment
  • Automated allocation
  • Cycle counting and physical inventory
  • Order consolidation
  • Load building
  • Ship lane assignment
  • EDI Capability
  • E-portal for customers
    • View inventory online
    • Create orders and view status
    • View invoices and payment history
    • View reports
  • Reporting capabilities including:
    • Invoice - 3PL tasks and costs
    • Count Sheet - Preparation sheet for counting
    • Count Results - Compiled results of count
    • Account List - All accounts
    • Inventory by LP - Warehouse inventory, ordered by LP
    • Warehouse Inventory - Overall warehouse inventory
    • Material by Owner - Warehouse inventory, ordered by LP, filtered by owner
    • Material List - All materials
    • Material Report - Warehouse inventory by LP, for a specific owner and material
    • Receiving Worksheet - A blank preparation sheet for receiving
    • Bill of Lading - A BOL for outbound shipments
    • Contents Slip - A packing slip for outbound shipments
    • Pack Slip: confirmed - A packing slip for outbound shipments
    • Pack Slip: Unconfirmed - A packing slip for outbound shipments
    • Pick Slip - A list of pick tasks that have to be confirmed for shipment
    • Many others

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